Tunas 2 Industial Estate Block 8 C,Batam Center

About Us

SAGO DESIGN ENGINEERING Since 2019, in the engineering industries, has more than 1years of excellent experience and in DESIGN and MACHINING, Automation and Others have provided good work and high-quality products to our customers.

SAGO DESIGN ENGINEERING is specialized in mechanical design and consultation on engineering solutions and innovation to maximize the organization’s wealth through cost efficiency and improve operations efficiency and productivity. We also provide high-quality services to meet customer satisfaction in various kinds of industries.

Specialize in:

Machine Design (Automation, System Integgrated, Camera, robot, checking, testing,  machine)

Machining (Truning, Milling, CNC, Gear, Sloting, Surface Grinding, Metal Cutting, Welding)

Industrial Supplier (Spare part Automation, Tools, Machine, Conveyor, Material, )